Christmas Time, Decorating Time


Emily Linthavong, Writer

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for almost everyone! One thing you have to do is decorate! Your house, outside of your house, even your trees, should be decorated! Here is a list you need to have during this season!

For the indoors, you must have a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments, a tree skirt, and tinsel. For the ornaments, go for a theme of either red, green, and gold, or blue, red, and white, or even a solid color you want. If you have an upstairs, you should definitely put up garland or ribbons onto it. Make sure it matches the theme that you are going for with your tree as well. It would be beautiful to put simple stockings for the family somewhere in the living room. 

Now we are heading outside! The first thing you should put up is a Christmas wreath that matches all the decor in the house as well. Any string lights that are either yellow, white, or colorful would be infinitely lovely to hang up along the roof. If you have any extra lights to hang along the trees or mailbox is additionally needed. 

Hopefully, you now have knowledge of how to decorate your house to sleigh this Christmas! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!