Tyler’s Tips & Tricks to Making YouTube Videos.

Most of y’all don’t know this but I spend most of my free time making youtube videos, I spend a lot of time making them and I have had so many amazing times and have grown my relationship with my friends and brother making these videos. YouTube has definitely been an amazing part of my life, and I hope that it continues to be this way and that I become YouTube famous. But enough about what I do, I’m going to give you guys some pointers on making YouTube videos and on how you can grow your audience.

  1. Pick a target audience – You’re probably wondering what this means, and what I mean by this is pick a certain age group of people for the people you think will watch your videos. Your target audience will depend on the content you create, so say you make Trick Shot videos (like me) you’ll want to aim for 7-15 year old people to watch your videos. That age group will give you the most attention, so whatever content you create that will affect your target audience.
  2. Have the right equipment – Now everyone should know that if they want to film YouTube videos you have to have the right equipment, because you don’t want to start making videos on a 1990’s video camera that would look like crap. So you need to make sure you have good equipment so your videos don’t look bad such as a camera, microphone, lighting, editing software and many other pieces of equipment. If you have the correct equipment your videos will look amazing.
  3. Have a plan for what you want to post – Now what I mean by this is, know what you want to post because people don’t want a bunch of random things here and there, so have content ideas that you want to create and film them and post them. Also you want to have a schedule for when you’re going to post so your viewers know when you’re going to launch a video. I don’t have a schedule for posting and I probably should get one.
  4. Plan ahead of schedule – What I mean by this is always be ready and have a schedule to film, plan ahead for things as well such as weather, things you have that day and always plan accordingly to what you can do. 
  5. Film with people you want to be around – This one is obvious if you’re going to film YouTube videos you want to film with your friends and people you want to hang out with, you don’t want to film by yourself that’s never fun so have your friends and hang with you and film YouTube videos. Whenever I shoot Trick Shots I always have my friend Caden come over because I like to hang out with him and he’s fun to be around, so always film with your friends it’s more fun with friends.
  6. Be Yourself – When you’re filming YouTube videos you don’t want to be somebody you’re not, so act and be who you are in front of the camera don’t change a thing about yourself and just be you. The viewers want to see who you really are and they don’t want to see a fake person trying to make YouTube videos.


Now go out and make YouTube videos and become the next big YouTube star.