Mileah’s Set Up for Success


Marissa Goodwin, Writer

Mileah Neal is a seventh grade volleyball player at Chaffin Junior High. She has been playing for seven years now and she is a setter. She practices about three days a week for travel volleyball. However, at Chaffin you may see her on the basketball court too. 

A reason Mileah joined volleyball is because when she was younger she would see people playing at Girls Inc. and thought that she would give it a try. Right now she has won eight tournaments and one day hopes to be in the 2024 Olympics for her grandpa.

Mileah splits her time between basketball and volleyball. However, since she does travel ball for volleyball she loses a lot of basketball time because of tournaments. Volleyball is currently her favorite sport and it is really easy for her. She also has two of her friends that play volleyball with her.

If Mileah was to look up to anyone it would be her grandmother because she has a good sense of humor and is nice to everyone. In her free time she likes to watch tik tok and spend time with friends.