Making (Karlie) Big(gs) Moves in Volleyball


Emily Linthavong, Writer

Volleyball is an intense and extremely competitive sport that Karlie Biggs loves and plays. Karlie Biggs is an eighth-grader of the Lady Cougars for two years now. 

Karlie Biggs has been playing volleyball for about three to four years. Her position is on the right side. At Chaffin, her number on the court is 15. Biggs is best at hitting the ball. However, she cannot serve as well as she wants to. One reason she loves volleyball is that she gets to meet new and different people. Another reason is Karlie enjoys the intensity and competition throughout a game. On a different topic, Biggs plants to play volleyball through all highschool. Due to the fact stated, she wants to play to earn a scholarship for Stanford University. A goal Karlie wants to accomplish is to play D1. In addition, Hannah Hogue is someone Biggs looks up to. Not just because of Hogue’s positive attitude, but also because she brings out the best of people is what inspires Biggs!

Off the topic of volleyball and school, Karlie Biggs is the oldest child with two siblings. She said she likes being the oldest because she gets more things and loves her freedom. Biggs was born in Fort Smith, AR. One thing she likes to do other than volleyball is to hang out with friends. Karlie and her friends love to especially swim and have fun at lakes!

To sum everything up, Karlie Biggs is a kind and easygoing student and athlete.