Cheer and Charmers Cheer Through Covid Guidelines

Yulissa Ocampo

It’s the beginning of the school year, which means football season has officially started for the Chaffin Cougars. Now, I know we all love seeing the football team run across the field scoring points, but we also need to take a moment to appreciate the teams that are cheering them on from the sidelines. The cheer and drill teams are both amazing, but what are they doing to stay safe during this pandemic? Well, I got to sit down with cheerleader, DaShawn Cain, and Charmer, Destani Boyett.

Overall, cheer practices look like this: 6 feet apart and everyone must be wearing a mask. The only exception to this rule for cheerleaders is when they are as far as 12 feet apart, only then can they take their masks off.  According to DaShawn, being a boy on the team is no different than being a girl, “We do the same things, and we get treated the same as the girls on the team.” They are constantly working hard and learning new routines. One of their hardest workers is the first cheerleader of the week, Addi Weatherford. Despite this being her first year on the cheer team, she has risen to the top and we can’t wait to see how she will continue to grow as a cheerleader.

Destani told us that Charmer practices are a similar story. They must be spread out at all times, and they have to wear their masks unless they are going full out. Like the cheerleaders, they are always working hard learning new dances every week. Another hard worker is the first Charmer of the week, Zoe Granger. According to Destani, “We always have to keep a good attitude, but we never know if we’ll have another game.” Despite all these concerns, we cannot wait to see what amazing things these teams come up with next.