Chaffin Volleyball Takes on Alma

Nevaehona Williams

This year’s starting season of volleyball, the Chaffin volleyball team had their first game against Alma at Alma Junior High School on September 2, 2020. To get more information about the volleyball game, I interviewed Coach Lucas the day after the game. Coach Lucas said, “the volleyball team and I were nervous about their first game of the season.” Since COVID-19 hit the United States, it has stopped people from going places. During the summer, the volleyball team goes to volleyball camps to gain experience, but they couldn’t because of the COVID-19. So starting off they were very rusty. 

In the first set, the score was 18-25. Yes, I know they lost but in the second set, they won 25-22.  Hooray!! In the last set, they lost, 13-15. 

The volleyball team puts all their effort into every game they play. The team was out of practice and their confidence was low so that it affected how they played. During the game, Coach Lucas would have started the Libro (back middle position) earlier in the match, but they are moving on and looking forward to the next game with Greenwood. Coach Lucas’s goals for the next game are to win 2 sets, play better, and play with more confidence. Coach Lucas said, “I would have changed nothing because I played the team’s strongest players and their nerves were hard to overcome.”