Ms. Thompson: An Optimistic Beginning to Chaffin Junior High


Jasmine Washington

As a new year begins at Chaffin, new teachers are also added into the mix. On the downstairs level, one cheerful teacher starts her first teaching job at Chaffin Junior High. Ms. Thompson teaches 8th grade English and Creative Writing, and so far she’s been highly enjoying her job here. But, there is so much more to learn about the new 8th-grade teacher.

But how does her class work? While asking about her teaching philosophy, I received two great answers. “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Magos Kies Principals,” Ms. Thompson stated. These philosophies are about making the student feel safe and cared for, while also building on their certain knowledge. For example, putting athletics into the lesson being taught so that children can better understand the work. Ms. Thompson also said she would love to see Chaffin in a state of interdisciplinary learning, where one unit would focus on the same thing. Science, Math, Social Studies, and English all teach their lessons but intertwine them together so students are able to keep up with all their classes since they’re focused around the same thing). 

Ms. Thompson also grew up in Fort Smith, and she attended Chaffin while in junior high. During our interview, I asked about her favorite class growing up, and she confidently told me, “English and dance period…I liked band too.” Although she’s not currently taking on any after school clubs or athletic programs, she really hopes to become part of the dance team.

Our teacher has an array of hobbies and fun facts. Ms. Thompson enjoys dancing, painting, eating Taco Bell, hiking, and running. Just this past summer, she hiked to the Devil’s Canyon and Devil’s Den. She even runs around the Chaffee lake sometimes as a relaxing experience. 

After laughing, Ms. Thompson told me a very fun fact about her: she loves watching abandoned buildings on YouTube, specifically abandoned malls. She also really loves Arkansas History (another part of her current degree). With cheer still in her voice, she also explained her interest in politics and her enjoyment of public speaking. 

It’s wonderful to see how happy and open-minded Ms. Thompson is beginning her career as a teacher at Chaffin Junior High. While she waits to get her Master’s degree, I can’t wait to see how smart and open-minded her 8th-grade students will be!