Chaffin Jr. High Safety Precautions

Olivia Nichols

With the new school year starting up and Covid-19 going nowhere, schools across the world are adapting to new changes. Many school districts are requiring students to take online classes; others, including Fort Smith Public School, are allowing their students to attend either virtual school or physical school. Most schools are requiring everyone to wear masks during the school day. At Chaffin, teachers are spreading desks out in their classroom to keep students 6 feet apart at all times with a mask.

Students at Chaffin are allowed to take off their masks during lunch when they are spaced out. During lunch they seat two students to a table on opposite ends. When the cafeteria fills up, teachers move the extra students to the gym bleachers and separate them to eat lunch. When students are done eating, teachers move kids into the hallway to sit down each on a paw. 

Each paw in the hallway is placed near the floor on the wall so students can be distanced out from one another after lunch. When lunch is completely over, teachers open the patio doors to let students outside just like they did before Covid-19, where they are allowed to pull down their masks to get air if they are spaced out. 

The stairways are labeled as up or down only to prevent congestion and overcrowding. The science wing and east stairwell are both labeled for going up only, and the center stairwell is labeled to go down only. When you’re upstairs walking in the hallway you can only walk in one direction, counter clockwise. This also is to attempt to limit overflowed and jammed hallways. 

Football games also look different this year. This year a parent is required to come with every student and you have to wear a mask the whole time.

Cheer and Charmers all have to wear masks while on the sidelines, but when they perform they can take them off. Football is similar. When they are playing they don’t have to wear masks, but when they are benched some of them wear their masks and others don’t. Overall Chaffin has set regulations to keep everyone safe while attending school.