Meet Coach Candeleria

Abbi Moore

We have many coaches here at Chaffin and one is Coach Candeleria. In his first year being a new teacher, he is already involved in football, basketball, and FCA. He is the head coach for the 8th grade boys basketball team, and the assistant coach to Coach Lucas for the 9th grade team. Besides being a coach and teaching health, he loves social studies. Growing up, that was his favorite subject. He is certified in social studies.

 Life can be hard sometimes, but a saying Coach Candeleria likes to live by is “Stay strong, the rest will take care.” As a child, Coach C lived in Alma. Besides teaching, things that interest Coach Candeleria include outdoor activities such as hiking, playing sports (as well as watching them) and football.

 So far, Coach Candeleria says he really likes Chaffin. If it weren’t for the coronavirus, he says he would love to see more people hanging out together. Growing up, he had a really good support system from his teachers and he wants to be like that for his students. Coach Candeleria is very pleased with how kind everyone is at Chaffin. In his classroom, giving your best effort and treating everyone with respect is important to him.