The Chaffin Cross Country Team

Sophia Gillespie

At Chaffin Jr. High we have a Cross Country team, with student athletes running around two miles every meet to see who can finish the fastest. The coach of the team here at Chaffin is Coach Bland, who unfortunately was unavailable to answer questions. If you ever have any he is your man to talk to.

Two years ago I was in Cross Country and I had the time of my life competing against the other schools and running to the finish line. Cross Country was also a great way for me to make friends and gave me something to do out of school. The weekends that we had meets, we would go to a park or another school and run through the fields that were there, up and down hills, and around ponds. Everyday during our P.E class would run along the fence and see how many laps around we could go. We would also practice out of school with others on the team on trails around town. 

At meets we, would meet up wherever we were racing and warm up by running in place and stretching. Right before the race,everyone who wanted to would join into a prayer circle and have a moment of peace. Then, One, Two. Three. BANG! The race would start and everyone would take off, some deciding that getting a lead was best. Others thought about taking it slow and steady, and then having a fast finish would work out the best.

Since the races were longer and more people were together, we would cheer each other on and give each other the strength to continue. Once you finished your first lap, you would run another and once you went to the end everyone was there cheering you on and waiting for you. After the girls race was over the boys would go to the starting line and run the race just like we did.

Cross country is an amazing sport to join, and is just a wonderful thing to be a part of. I bet this year the team will do amazing and earn us some medals.