Halloween : Coronavirus Edition

Sophia Gillespie

In my opinion, Halloween is one of the best holidays. Going door to door, getting candy, scary costumes, and fun parties sounds like the time of my life. Unfortunately, with coronavirus, many people have decided that Halloween should be canceled this year and going door to door would be impossible to do safely. 

With parties already being banned in many places, it seems as if it is hopeless to have a normal Halloween. Even more upsetting is that in L.A., the city has already stated that it’s not permitted to have any sort of gathering unless with household members already. Yes, it is good to stay safe and that’s why they are putting these precautions in place, but I want my Halloween back. 

Carnivals and other regular Halloween attractions are also going to be put on hold for this year’s Halloween. Some towns and cities are trying to find ways to get around this and have a safe Halloween so that everyone can enjoy it without the chance of getting sick. Some people say that just wearing a mask would be enough, others say that no matter what we do it wouldn’t be safe.

Now, we still need to do something for Halloween. Some ideas of other things that you can do to celebrate this year’s Halloween and still be safe are to watch horror movies with your family, buy candy from the store and just eat it at home, or to FaceTime your friends and try to have a Halloween party over the phone or computer. Even if you decide to celebrate Halloween this year you need to make sure to be careful and stay safe. Happy Halloween!