The Fate of Chaffin Clubs

Melanie Peck, Writer

You may be wondering if we are going to be having clubs this year at Chaffin. The answer to your question is that at this moment in time, every club will not be meeting. The only clubs that will be meeting this year are the National Junior Honor Society, Student Council, and Quiz Bowl.

The National Junior Honor Society will be meeting, but it will not be the same as it was in previous years. They will not be having a formal induction ceremony, and the hours you will need for service will be lessened significantly due to the regulations we will have to follow.

The Student Council will also be continuing with normal restrictions but they will be announcing when elections are going to start on Wednesday, September 16th. They will also be having meetings once a month as they did in past years, and will be selling T-shirts.

Quiz Bowl will be having tryouts, and they are asking that you bring a pencil. Tryouts are from 3:30-5:00 on Wednesday, September 16th.