Chaffin Quiz Bowl Buzzin’ Through!

Kenny Doan

Ever since Mr. Minor, who was previously one of the quiz bowl coordinators, departed from Chaffin, Mrs. Welbourn has come in and helped continue the legacy of the Chaffin Quiz Bowl Team. Mrs. Welbourn is ecstatic to not only see the new and previous quiz bowl teams, but also see what it will be like to manage the team! 

Mrs. Welbourn believes that although these circumstances to where quiz bowl tournaments may be hosted are online, she wants the quiz bowl team to be very successful, highly competitive, and annihilate the other teams!

So, when are the quiz bowl tryouts?

Chaffin’s Quiz Bowl Team are holding tryouts on September 16th (Wednesday) after school at 3:30-5:00 PM in room 104 (aka the GATE room). If you want to give it a shot and tryout, be sure to be there on time and bring a pencil! Feeling a little nervous? Mrs. Welbourn has a few tips on how to get through tryouts, which are:

  • To never be afraid to answer some questions, even if you do not know them! Try your best to answer those questions rather than leaving them blank.
  • Focus really hard while holding the buzzers because..
  • If you know the answer to a question, be sure to buzz in those buzzers as quick as you can!

If you love to answer questions about random facts, you will LOVE quiz bowl as well. Be sure to try out for the quiz bowl team, you won’t regret it!