Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Bailey’s Exciting Start to Chaffin Junior High

Mrs. Bailey continues her teaching career at Chaffin Junior High, sharing some interesting facts about her life along the way.


Jasmine Washington

  From Kimmons to Greenwood, to Magazine, to Paris, Mrs. Bailey has finally entered Chaffin Junior High! Teaching 7th to 9th-grade reading intervention and English, Mrs. Bailey states that she is “…really honored to be a part of Chaffin Junior High School.” She is more than happy to be a teacher in the Fort Smith School District, yet there is a lot more to say about this new teacher.

   Mrs. Bailey has lived in several places throughout her life, though she says Fort Smith has been her favorite. With her love for reading, Mrs. Bailey’s favorite subject growing up was English, where she had amazing English teachers who simply made the experience better. In her classroom, Mrs. Bailey explained that her teaching philosophy is centered around having fun while learning, but also understanding the importance of dedication and hard work. Mrs. Bailey’s favorite quote is by Sir Winston Churchill: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.” Not only was this quote completely inspiring, but it also fits right into how she runs her classroom. 

   Outside of her teaching, Mrs. Bailey enjoys traveling, eating at new restaurants, reading, and riding her motorcycle. As it turns out, she’s driven her motorcycle around all of the United States and a part of Canada. She also two boys, one of whom goes to Chaffin. In her free time, she plans to spend a lot of it by volunteering her time for her 7th-grader. At home, Mrs. Bailey enjoys making homemade tortillas too (and seeing her Great Dane).

   It’s great to know new teachers are feeling very comfortable and welcomed in their beginning to Chaffin Junior High, including Mrs. Bailey! After hearing her explain that everyone here has been amazing, I hope she continues to have the same optimistic style and incredible view on determination and hard work. Maybe one day she can travel all around the world with her motorcycle!