How’s band dealing with COVID-19?

Yulissa Ocampo, writer

If any of you have gone to football games this season you would have seen many great things. You saw the football players, the cheerleaders, and the dancers, but you might have noticed something missing from the stands and during the halftime show. The band wasn’t there. That is because one of the many precautions being taken to keep people safe is keeping the band away from games. When you think of a band you obviously think of the wind instruments, so it’s not that far off to think that they would have to limit how much they could play. What else is the band doing to limit the spread of COVID-19? 

To figure out that, I took a look at their daily practices. According to the band guidelines, every student has to stay six feet apart from each other regardless if you are in front, behind, or to the side. However, if the student plays the trombone, they need to keep at least a 9-foot distance in front of them. Since the band has to stay at least 6 feet apart, they need to be separated into two bands. One goes with Mr. Palmer, and the other goes with Mr. McKissic. Every wind player has to put a mask on the bell of their instrument. When inside, from the second they play their first note, they have 30 minutes before they have to leave the room. 

Even though the band isn’t playing at football games, they are still working hard on marching music, among other things. On October first, there are plans to review the band’s situation and see if they can go back to games. Even if the band does go to games, there are things that are going to be different. For one, they might only be able to take a few of the band members, not all of them. They also would stay in the stands and they wouldn’t be able to march. Regardless, we cannot wait until we can finally see the band performing again.