Freshman Night

Sophia Gillespie

Karlie Biggs

Freshman Night was Monday last week, and it was astounding. Every girl on the Lady Cougar Volleyball team walked up with their parents and got their picture taken with a little set up in the gym. Each member had their name called, and then walked across the gym as the announcer read what they planned to do for their school years. Many of the players received flowers, and all of them got a small gift bag from the school.

Jasmine Washington

After everyone and their parents walked through and got their photo taken, Coach Lucas, the volleyball coach, had a small speech that she read out loud. She talked about how she was so heartbroken that this would be her last 9th-grade volleyball team since Chaffin will not have the 9th-grade students next year, but also how she was glad she got to end it was such an amazing bunch of girls.

It was game on after that. The Lady Cougars went against Darby and completely swamped them. Darby was struggling to get points as ours climbed higher and higher. The first set was 25 to 3, Chaffin. Only playing two sets, we won by a long shot.

9th Grade Team


I hope that Freshman Night was as memorable for the girls in it as it was for everyone in  the crowd. We saw a small glimpse of their futures, and I believe that they will go on and accomplish them as the years continue.  Hopefully, we do just as well at the next game and destroy the other team.