Introducing Chaffin’s 2020-2021 Student Council

Kenny Doan

As the new StuCo Representatives have been selected, through the many piles of the Commemorative Chaffin T-Shirt forms, the Student Council Team, especially Kay Marcotte, have been working hard to represent what Chaffin is today! As this year will be quite the challenge, since certain fundraisers/events cannot take place, we are looking forward to seeing what the Student Council Team is planning to do and finding creative ideas to get through this whole situation this year, while remaining as optimistic as possible throughout the whole blended learning process.

Throughout the past couple of weeks, the StuCo President, Kay Marcotte has been contributing to the morning announcements with great enthusiasm and courage along with the other StuCo Team. This year has been quite the rollercoaster, as the whole blended learning experience continues on, and it is the last year for Chaffin to become a junior high school, but Kay continues to work hard and remain optimistic, even with the chance of switching back to virtual learning. She gladly takes pride and enjoyment in her role here as President of StuCo, and you can be sure.. if it’s Kay Marcotte!

We would like to congratulate the new Student Council Representative Team that was previously announced on Friday, September 25th! Don’t forget that for those who are now the StuCo Representative, your first meeting is on Monday, October 5th. We wish you all the best of luck throughout the whole year in helping us represent Chaffin!