Great Big Story’s Final Chapter

Kenny Doan

You may have heard and seen some astonishing stories online about a person who cannot taste anything or stories about how Tootsie Rolls saved the US Army. Where, out of millions of varieties of sources, you could possibly have gotten these stories? That’s right—you may have heard it from Great Big Story. The Great Big Story has been featured on many CNN10 episodes, and maybe even stumbled across it in your recommendations feed on YouTube. The Great Big Story opened up their book and read countless stories for over five years, giving a great opportunity to learn new facts everyday from around the world and see how every story has changed our perspective of how we view the world.

So, what happened to the Great Big Story?

For the last five years, they have read out their many great stories to millions of audiences, however on September 23rd, 2020, they said “The End” and closed the final chapter of stories on the Great Big Story, ending its journey. Many producers working within Great Big Story have sacrificed their time to travel across 100 countries and share over 2,600 stories with us, helping us learn new facts and change our perspectives.

Great Big Story’s social media platforms (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter) and their website ( are still open to the public, but they will no longer publish any videos or podcasts on their YouTube channel and website. We are still uncertain of the future about them, but we can hope one day they will eventually open a different chapter of the world.

“It has meant the world to us. We all have a great big story, go tell yours.” -Great Big Story