Chaffin’s Teachers Share Their Favorite Fall Recipes

3 of Chaffin’s teachers explain their favorite recipes to enjoy during this holiday season.


Jasmine Washington, Cougar Print Student Journalist

It has officially become fall and for some people, their favorite holidays are coming up! As Halloween approaches and Thanksgiving waits in November, there’s no doubt several students from Chaffin will be enjoying their favorite fall meals soon. As for myself, my grandfather’s homemade taco soup has been a family tradition for five years now. It’s delicious taste always brings my family together on Halloween night, and we each laugh and talk over the meal like a television family from the ’60s would. There hasn’t been one Halloween since that started that I haven’t smiled the entire night. 

But if students have their own favorite fall or Halloween recipes, then teachers must as well. Who knows, maybe you even have a common favored recipe with one of your educators!

Irish Nachos

Mrs. Russell, the teacher for 9th grade Pre-AP English, explained that her favorite fall recipe is Irish nachos. In this recipe, the nachos are replaced with potato chips, and because Mrs. Russell is a pescatarian, the taco meat is replaced with soya meat.

It’s a recipe her husband found while watching a cooking show, and since then it’s been a favorite during the season of fall.

Mrs. Russell stated that she also really enjoys this recipe because “everyone can add their own thing to it.” And no doubt, hundreds of different ways to make Irish nachos pop up on the Internet!

So whether you are a fan of regular nachos, Irish, or Greek nachos, it’s safe to say these wonderful foods are just the right thing for a comforting and cozy meal. 



Pumpkin Rolls 

When anyone thinks of Halloween or Thanksgiving, commonly the word “pumpkin” will fall out of their mouths. 7th grade Language Arts and Journalism I teacher, Mrs. Wilbourn, brings the thoughts of fall into her favorite recipe.

A more common tradition for her husband’s family, Mrs. Wilbourn explained that she will usually make a dozen of these pumpkin rolls before putting them in her grandmother-in-law’s freezer since she knows how much she loves them. Over the years, this has become a tradition for her to enjoy. 

Now you may be asking, what is a pumpkin roll? According to Gimmesomeoven, this recipe is made from a pumpkin and flour mixture that is baked, and then carefully rolled up and cooled. Afterward, cream cheese frosting is made and then the cooled pumpkin cake is then unrolled. The cream cheese is frosted onto the cake, and then carefully rolled up again. After this is refrigerated for a while, the dessert is ready to be cut and served! 

A uniquely simple recipe that lots can enjoy, it’s no surprise that Mrs. Wilbourn’s grandmother-in-law is in favor of this delicious fall dessert!


Chicken and Dumplings 

Upstairs, Mrs. Monchamp, the Pre-AP Social Studies teacher for 8th grade, shares her favorite fall recipe as well. Chicken and dumplings have been a part of Mrs. Monchamp’s life since she was young, a meal she made with her grandmother. She describes this favored meal as “great comfort food on the old days.” 

Mrs. Monchamp’s grandmother used to make her own dough for the dumplings and even her own chicken broth. Although Mrs. Monchamp hasn’t completely kept the recipe the same, her favorite thing about this recipe is using the same dough her grandmother had made with her. When making this meal, she’ll have her children roll up the dough like she had done when she was younger.

According to Tasty, chicken and dumplings can be made in your home through these steps. First, the chicken is boiled in vegetable oil and then taken out of the pot when ready. Then, carrots and onions are cooked for about three minutes, and garlic is added until fragrant. The chicken and vegetables are added together in the pot, then chicken broth is poured in. 

Cream, thyme, and bay leaves are then added into the pot, and then it is set to simmer. Once this has happened, frozen peas are added. In a separate bowl, the dumplings are made, and then using a large spoon (or ice-cream scoop) form the dough into small, round balls. This dough should be enough to make around 14-16 dumplings. After this, place the dough balls into the soup and let this simmer until the dumplings are cooked through.

Finally, 1-2 dumplings are put into each bowl and you can enjoy a cozy fall meal! A tasteful recipe with beautiful history, it’s amazing to know that Mrs. Monchamp continues the traditions she had as a child with her family now!


Although we all experience and celebrate different holidays during fall, food is something that can bring many together. Even our wonderful teachers have special recipes that carry important traditions for each of them. For this fall season, be sure to start preparing your favorite meals with your family, and let’s have a festive Halloween!




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