Nailed It: How Making a Halloween Cake Really Goes


Sophia Gillespie

Everyone always sees those cute little desserts that are around during Halloween, but who ever really tries to make them? When you do make them they normally don’t turn out how they are meant to. Today I’m going to walk you through the steps of how to make one of these spooky treats, but in the realest way by someone who has little baking experience. If you want to see how to make this cake, or even try and make it yourself click here

The first thing that I needed to do was make all the different cakes and bake them in the oven. This part was pretty easy, and the only thing that I messed up on was taking the cakes out. The cake was meant to be a four-layer cake, but one of the cakes ended up cracking in half so I had a three-layer cake. The next part was making the pumpkin spice and vanilla frosting. This part was also pretty easy, but also very messy. Making the chocolate sauce was straightforward and also very tasty.

The last part and the hardest part was decorating the top of the cake. I was very impatient and put the chocolate sauce on top sooner than I should have and it ended up melting my frosting, making everything look messy. The next thing that went wrong was that Peeps decided to not make any Halloween treats this year, so I had to find something else to be my ghost. These ended up being made of hard frosting that was too small and could barely be seen. The gravestones were hard to make since I had to write “RIP” on them, and I don’t have the nicest handwriting. But in the end, I put everything together to get a cake that looked somewhat like it was supposed to. 

Overall, it was really fun to do and I enjoyed it a lot. I would definitely recommend doing this with a younger sibling or as a family activity because you all have to work together. In the end, you´ll have a delicious cake, probably.