Who is Mrs. Henson?

Melanie Peck

You may be wondering who Mrs. Henson is. Well, she is Chaffin’s newest 8th grade Pre AP Physical Science teacher and 9th-grade Physical Science teacher. She graduated high school from Greenwood. Immediately she started attending the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. She worked several jobs in the business world and decided it wasn’t for her so she made the decision to pursue teaching.

She found a non-traditional program that allowed her to get her teaching license and Master’s degree at the same time. She began that program in the summer of 2009. The fall of that year she also started subbing for Fort Smith Schools. She then subbed for 2 years, worked through her Master’s coursework, and focused on landing a job here in the district. She taught at Raymond F. Orr Elementary School as a 6th grade Math, Science, and Writing teacher. She held that position for about 4 years, and things were restructured so that she had one 5th grade Math/Science block and 1 6th grade math/science block.

On September 16th, 2020, she became a Chaffin Cougar! She says “I love teaching because of those moments when you see a kid “get it.” Their eyes light up, and it is like what was once foggy is now clear and they get it. I love those moments. Those “ah-ha” moments truly make teaching the best job in the world.”