Wild Things Farm

Wild Things Farm

Olivia Nichols

Wild Things Farm is a very common household name in the Pocola and Fort Smith area. It’s a fun farm filled with fall and Halloween activities that you, friends, and family can enjoy. It’s the best place to gather all your close ones and make long lasting memories. Wild Things Farm is what really makes it start to feel like fall and brings happiness to the season. They offer many family friendly games and pastimes for all ages. 

Sadly, Wild Things Farm was rumored to be up for sale and sold earlier this season. If this rumor were to be true Halloween day would likely be the last official day for the farm to be open for business. It is not known yet if the new owners will keep the farm up and running for visitors. Either way, everyone needs to consider going to

Wild Things Farm this year for fun activities regardless if they are closing this year or not.

Wild Things Farm is located on 700 Beaty Ave, Pocola, Oklahoma. Starting at the beginning of September, the farm becomes the most popular spot for family fall events. They offer a wide range of activities for you and your family to enjoy. They have anything from strawberry and pumpkin picking to huge slides and train rides. When you visit you can see the huge fields filled with strawberries, pumpkins, blueberries, blackberries, and sunflowers. You can take a walk through the corn make or you can take a hay ride across the farm to the petting zoo. You can watch pigs race and ride the horses. You can get guided tours of the land or you can explore and find new things along the way.

Everyone needs to take a trip to Pocola, Oklahoma to visit Wild Things Farm this fall. You and your loved ones can create lasting memories together that you will always cherish. You can ride the mountain slide and get lost in the corn maze where you can pick your fruits and vegetables. Wild Things Farm is a fun and exciting place for everyone.