Say Hi to Ms. Harrod!

Abbi Moore

I’ve met almost all of the teachers at Chaffin, but now I can say that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Harrod. Ms. Harrod is Chaffin’s new AP Computer Science, Survey of Business, and Keycode teacher. I asked Ms. Harrod why she decided to teach and she said, “I was a stay-at-home mom, and so I decided to teach while my kids were at school. I fell in love with the job.” Growing up, Ms. Harrod’s favorite subject was math. She said that she enjoys math because there is always a set solution. 

Chaffin is Ms. Harrod’s 5th teaching job. She taught in Sallisaw for four years. Her first teaching job was in South Dakota. Ms. Harrod coaches the school’s Girls Who Code club. Unfortunately, this year we aren’t able to do the coding club. During our talk, I asked Ms. Harrod if there was a teaching philosophy she uses in her class and she said, “I like to make the work we do fun because if I do, the students will come back every day and crave more learning.” 

A quote Ms. Harrod likes is, “Teachers who love teaching teach students who love learning.” Some interesting facts about Ms. Harrod are that she enjoys hiking, baking (bread especially), quilting, and making jewelry! Ms. Harrod has three grandchildren and is a newlywed! Some very interesting facts Ms. Harrod shared with me is that she has been to France twice, she has been to Scotland, she spent 3 days in Barcelona, and she recently went to Washington DC. 

When I asked Ms. Harrod if there was anything she’d like to see more of Chaffin, she immediately answered with, “More computer science classes.” She hopes that next year there can be more of them. Ms. Harrod mentioned the fact that she really enjoys the feel of Chaffin. She said she feels like the students and staff actually want to be here. I’m really glad that Ms. Harrod is here and I can’t wait to see what she and her students do for Chaffin!