Who is Ms.Oliver?

Nevaehona Williams

Ms. Oliver is the new Keystone teacher this year at Chaffin Junior High School. Her room is located near the eighth and ninth grade locker bay. Her room number is 117.

A little about Ms. Oliver is that she has horses and a motorcycle, and loves reading and being outdoors. Fall is her favorite time of year. She was born in Waldron Arkansas. 

As a teacher, she teaches Keystone at Chaffin and Ramsey. At first, she taught part-time at the University of Arkansas. She really loved being a student, so that started off her career. She loves being in a classroom, loves the interaction between students and teachers, and seeing a light bulb come on in a student’s head when they found the answer. 

Last, she loves all the other teachers’ at Chaffin and the high expectations that they have for their students. She lives for that. If you ever get Ms. Oliver, you will be surprised how much she can teach you about yourself.