Chaffin’s Quiz Bowl Manager–Ella Grannon!


Kenny Doan

As Chaffin’s Quiz Bowl Team continues to buzz through those questions in light of this situation, Chaffin continues to win tournaments with such a streak! How could this be possible though? That’s right—the quiz bowl managers, Ella Grannon and Kaley Bonnet! Without their encouragement and effort, what else would Chaffin QB have been? This article is going to shed  light on our new manager, Ella Grannon. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

At first, Ella Grannon wanted a water girl position—as a joke! Later though, she was given the opportunity to become quiz bowl manager, which she was delighted to do along with the quiz bowl team! Her compassion and encouragement among her peers helped her get into the quiz bowl team. As this was her first year being a part of the quiz bowl team, she is still learning how the team operates as a whole. 

A little update on quiz bowl’s operation, there have been more challenges set for Ella. Being the manager, she has to make sure that everything is set up before practices/tournaments. Last Thursday, technology issues continued to rise throughout the tournaments, even to where we cannot determine the fairness if they were to be hosted online. Though Ella has been feeling a little stress lately, she remains to become optimistic and knows that Chaffin and the quiz bowl team will not give up.

Lastly, Ella would like to say a few things to the quiz bowl team:

“Thank you for being super welcoming and not making fun of me when I say the names right and don’t know how the game works. I was really worried about coming into the team so late and it has helped me learn what to do and how to help them, which is a part of my whole job. I really appreciate it!” -Ella Grannon