How Coronavirus is Affecting Teachers

Sophia Gillespie

Everyone has been stressed with Coronavirus and just school in general but has anyone thought about the new struggles that this is giving teachers? Coronavirus is affecting all classes in some way, shape, or form. For many, it’s just not only not being able to do group work or having to clean everything after it is touched, but there is also a loss of connection. If students are to stay home then teachers have to find a way that works so that they are about to learn the same way that the students in the class are.

Something that is making this even harder is having to use a completely new resource for assignments and grades called Schoology. From a student’s point of view, Schoology was definitely hard to use at first, but now it is a lot easier. At Chaffin Jr. High, Mrs. Webber said that Schoology is a good resource to use, but it requires a lot of figuring out. One of the things she pointed out was having to make videos for students who were either staying home or quarantined.

Another teacher that I had interviewed was Mrs. Tierra, the Spanish teacher for Chaffin Jr. High. She said that one of the hardest things about Coronavirus was having to wear the mask and not getting that personal connection with students that she used to.

Coronavirus is affecting everything and everyone everywhere in the world. We need to stay safe and make sure that we wear our masks so that we can go back to a normal way of life in and out of school. Make sure to be thankful for our teachers and all that they do for you.