An End to the 2020 XC Team


Marlene Hernandez

The last XC meet was on October 22, 2020, at Freshman Academy in Van Buren. The River Valley Jr. High Championships had a total of ten teams competing. Angel Hernandez had a time of 12:43.12 and placed sixth place. Francesco Almarez and Eli Karius placed 25th and 23rd.

I had time to interview one of these incredible runners, Francesco Almarez. The first question that I asked him was “How did you feel after the race?” He responded with, “I was really excited because that was the first medal I’ve ever gotten. It was an exciting thing.” The final question I asked him was “What motivated you throughout the race?” His response was, “My friends because they would tell me to keep pushing.”

This last 2020 cross country season came to a final close with amazing results. They are now headed to a new cross country journey elsewhere.