Chaffin’s Orchestra Virtual Concert

Kenny Doan

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to arise, many restrictions have caused certain events to be cancelled or pushed back—but this certain group in Chaffin had found a way around these restrictions. Chaffin’s Orchestra, taught by Mrs. Jeter in her second year at Chaffin, has found a way around the restrictions to still be able to show off these players and what they have done throughout the past couple of months. These players were preparing for their concerts and other events such as All-Region Orchestra tryouts, which are also hosted online.

Though the restrictions includes being properly social distanced and restricting gatherings, Mrs. Jeter was still able to host a concert on November 10th with no one else but herself and the students. The concert was hosted at Southside High School,  and unfortunately no one but certain people helping with the orchestra were able to attend the concert to prevent a large gathering. There are three levels of concerts to listen to, the Beginner (7th), Intermediate (8th), and Advanced (9th) Orchestras. Each time they switch levels, every chair and stand were well-sanitized to combat the spread of COVID-19.

The last thing we all want to know about—how were they able to show off their concerts? They recorded the concerts and will be editing and publishing them in Schoology. This way, the videos can be accessible at any time for family members, and many others are able to show off their amazing performance! During these times, it is very important to follow the restrictions and guidelines that are set, and Mrs. Jeter and others contributing to this concert took this concert to the next level!