Dress Code at Chaffin Jr. High

Sophia Gillespie

More than half of public schools in the U.S. have a dress code in place, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.  57% have a “strict dress code”.  But numbers aren’t what this article is about it’s about. This is about how Chaffin students feel about the dress code policy that we have here. I interviewed eight 9th grade students about their opinion on the dress code, Hailey Whittaker, Taeyoung Uhm, Abbi Moore, and Kylie Jones. The rest have decided to stay anonymous. 

When I was interviewing the group of girls, they all seemed very engaged in my questions and had a great discussion over if it was fair, should it change, incidences where they have been or have seen girls get dress coded, and if they think the system is biased. Most of the girls believed that the system wasn’t fair and that it could be less strict, but that in some cases it is right. They also said that it seems unfair because they have seen guys get away with tank tops, shorts, and saggy pants that if a girl wore, she would be dress coded for. 

I also interviewed a Chaffin Teacher over their opinion on the dress code. They said that for the most part, the dress code is acceptable and not a real issue. Two of the main points that they made were that you don’t know what other people are going through and maybe the clothes that they are wearing are all that they have, and that we should be able to express ourselves to some extent. Some people don’t have a line to what they will wear, which is why they think the dress code is understandable. Whenever it gets cold when asked wearing hats and hoods, which they said yes. They also said that in classrooms, if the rooms are cold and it doesn’t bother anyone, they should be able to wear a hoodie because it might help them focus better. Both the teacher I interviewed and the students said that the dress code seems biased and those curvy girls get more and that popular girls get dress coded less than the average student. 

From the people that I interview, it seems like the dress code isn’t the worst, but also could be a little less strict in some places.  Hopefully, as the years go by, or even this year, the dress code gets changed so that it is fair for everyone.