Virtual Days

Kenny Doan

In previous years, students were given the opportunity to have a full week or four days off on Thanksgiving week depending on ACT scores as a reward for their excellence. Due to the rise of the COVID-19 cases and the ACT exams being optional, this year is slightly different from the other years in Chaffin. Since the exams were optional, administrators cannot reward students with the full week or four days off on Thanksgiving week. However, administrators made a different plan for the first two days of the week, replacing the traditional reward system of having 1-2 days off. On November 23-24, these days will be considered as virtual learning days, which means students will have access to assignments and resources at home rather than in classrooms. 

During these two virtual days, assignments will differ between classes, however the majority will likely be make-up days to make-up any assignments that students can do at home during those virtual days, and you will likely not be assigned new lessons. It is important to check in with your teacher and see what they are planning during the virtual days since, once again, it will differ between each class. After those two virtual days, follows Thanksgiving break!

As COVID-19 cases continue to increase, it is important to catch up and keep track of what is going on. As the end of the first semester is soon approaching, try to utilize the time to increase your grades!