How is School Affecting the Mental Health of Students


Sophia Gillespie

School for everyone is very stressful, there are grades, social life, and just the expectation that you have from your parents to do good. Being in 9th grade seems especially hard for students because it is the first year of high school that colleges will look at. Even in school, it is all around getting ready for college, which is very stressful for some students. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, one in five children will experience mental health problems, depression, a learning disability, and alcohol and substance abuse. Some people will even think about harming themselves and doing so. People have even taken their lives to the stress of school.

One of the people I interviewed said that the school was very toxic and had caused them panic attacks and thoughts of doing something harmful to themselves in the past. They told me that the school counselors were very helpful however and made it easier for them to cope with the stress of everything. Being now a freshman and in high school made it more stressful for them because now their grades really matter and it could affect their future, they said that one reason it was so stressful was that the school has ingrained it in their head that college matters and you have to go to have a good job. The best part of school is being away from their family and around their friends who they know care about them.

Another person that I interviewed that is in 10th grade said that being onsite for school has affected his mental health in a very negative way, especially with covid happening. He said that his panic attacks are caused by his anxiety, but what makes them happen are his classmates, classes, and assignments. He said that the best way for him to cope is to take naps after school and to make a list of things that he needs to do to make sure that everything is done for the week. Another thing that he pointed out that stresses he is having bad teachers. Even if you did everything well that one teacher could ruin everything for you. He also said that school has too much work. In one day he could have three projects due, a speech, and two tests with only 30 minutes in between.

School seems to affect people in a very negative way and some of this could just be from how the people do their work and manage their time, but for the most part, school seems to give out too much work. I also feel like school could help students who have mental disorders to make it easier for them because for the most part school is seen as a very toxic place. Just remember that the school counselors are always there to provide you with help and can answer any questions you have.