High School Schedule Struggles are High!

Kenny Doan

It’s the time of year again—schedule planning! Sounds like a lot of fun, but really isn’t for most people. High school schedule planning for the 8th and 9th grade students are more stressful than ever. Some parents even resorted to Facebook for questions on what to do for their child’s schedule! Ever since FSPS made a huge decision to add this year’s 8th graders to the high school environment by next year, not only are  8th graders stressing about high school coming for them already, but administrators and counselors that are having to deal with two different sets of schedules are as well making sure they are doing the schedules correctly and they are ready to go for processing and sent out. It is quite stressful on both sides.

Most of us are really stressing out over schedules and whether or not we made a good decision on picking classes and electives. Luckily, the scheduled due date for the high school schedules is pushed back to December 15th, so we get some time for everyone to think about what classes and electives are best. Since the high school’s schedule only has seven periods, this has challenged a few people into taking classes and electives that are necessary and vital to them, but there are some who are still struggling to choose what classes or electives they need to add or take in a later year. There are a few tips I used whenever I planned out my schedule, which work for me at least!

  • The main tip I used while planning my schedule was to research about the career and college I chose and also the education recommendations to take during high school. This way I do not take unnecessary classes that are not relevant to my career path. This has helped me plan out my 11th and 12th grade year, as well as what classes I will need to take to not only reach the requirements for graduation in high school, but also reach the requirements for admission to college.
  • Another tip I use is adding my additional classes I want to take as alternative courses whenever a class I requested didn’t go through. Also, some of the colleges I am wanting to apply to have some classes they recommend taking, so I also put them as my alternative courses since there are a lot of classes that are requirements for the certain college I am applying to.
  • The last tip I use is to take classes that are a requirement for graduation as early as I can. This is a tip I wished I had heard the previous year while planning my schedules and classes. Later on, this will ease out some of the classes that are a requirement so you have more space to put in other required classes and electives you really like.

Hopefully, these tips are a great way to go through high school schedules, especially until 12th grade. I find all of these tips helpful and hopefully for you as well. Good luck getting through the high school schedules!