Crowed Buses with COVID-19

Sophia Gillespie

Many students at Chaffin Jr. High ride the bus to and from school every day, even with COVID-19 happening. Riding the bus without a pandemic is normal, you sit with one of your friends on the bus, talk and laugh, but this year it is much different, and I don’t think the schools are doing a good job at keeping us safe. 

Every day the number of people on the bus changes, sometimes there are extra seats and sometimes there are none. Friday of last week, I saw a group have to sit three to a seat because there was no room on the bus. On the buses, we still have to wear masks which is a good thing, but sometimes people will take them off and talk with each other, which doesn’t follow the guidelines that we have.

In the morning, the bus always has extra space. There are tons of seats open for people to sit, so why does it get so full in the afternoon? One of the things that my mom was very upset about is that if someone gets COVID-19, they don’t quarantine the people that they sat next to. One of my friends got COVID-19, and we always sit by each other. She and another one of my friends sit in a seat, and I sit in the one in front of them. Whenever she got COVID-19 and the school quarantined people she sat next to in school, none of us on the bus did. Thankfully no one else got it. This might not always happen though, and it is possible that it would spread because of the buses.

I don’t know if there is much that Chaffin can do to help with the problem. They could get another bus or try to make the buses more even if there are extra seats on other buses, but I just hope they do something soon.