When Does Christmas Start?

Melanie Peck

     Christmas is one of the most loved holidays in the U.S. Around 46% of Americans say that Christmas is their favorite holiday. But there is one thing people can’t seem to decide on when it comes to the holiday. Some people think that Christmas starts before Thanksgiving, and some people also think Christmas starts after Thanksgiving.

     Recently, there was a poll released asking for when people thought Christmas actually starts. There were around 19,000 people that voted. 61% of people said that it starts after Thanksgiving, and 39% of people said that it starts before Thanksgiving.

     According to many people, they believe that it would be way too early to start Christmas before Thanksgiving, it just takes away from Thanksgiving, which should be celebrated first. The people that voted that it started before Thanksgiving said that you can put up your tree in late November, but you don’t actually have to “celebrate” Christmas before Thanksgiving. People are unsure on when it actually starts so they just go off of what they want to do.