Gender Roles and Breaking Them

Keila Barnes

Makeup, clothes, shoes, and accessories do not have a gender binary. These fabrics and materials don’t have a gender. Then why do we have such a binary stray-away? Toxic masculinity and the societal idea that only makeup, different types of clothes, shoes, accessories are to only be used by feminine people and or people that identify with she/her pronouns.

However, the idea of  feeling pretty also has no gender. Everyone deserves to wear things they like and are comfortable in. We aren’t in the 50s anymore, with it almost being 2021 and we really shouldn’t be as close minded as many of us are. It’s just clothing! If you think it will bring you joy or comfort, absolutely go for it. dresses aren’t only for girls, makeup isn’t only for girls, feeling pretty isn’t only for girls. Everyone has the right to wear whatever they like.

Sure, it’s scary at first but entirely worth it! Be you! Do the things that make you, feel like you. These things have no gender, they’re for everyone.