“On Track Day” Held for Northside High School and Southside High School


Kenny Doan

As the pandemic becomes more difficult, so has this school year. Both high schools within the FSPS district have experienced an increase of students currently failing one class or more since FSPS was forced to close down on-site learning in March. To decrease the large amounts of students risking failure in one or more classes (a failing grade is 59 or below), FSPS has utilized the staff meeting date on December 7th for both high schools, whether they are in virtual learning or on-site, for students to participate in the “On Track Day.”

The “On Track Day” serves as an opportunity for students to develop a custom academic improvement plan with an advisor or teacher. These advisors and teachers are willing to help these students to get them prepared for what’s ahead of them during these challenging times. FSPS is wanting to spread the word to high school students who are struggling during these times to get them back on track and where they need to be. 

On our local news, the word has spread across Fort Smith to high school students, and according to 5NEWS, FSPS was able to reach out to 79% of eligible students for this program to show up at the high schools and get the help they need. Blended students for this week also had an opportunity to come back onto campus and in classrooms on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday to have their grades raised or set up a plan while they study and learn back at home.

“We want all Mavericks and Grizzlies to be successful despite a challenging fall semester, and it’s not too late to get on track. Students, please come see us on December 7 if you have one or more failing grades,” said Dr. Rathbun, Northside High School Principal. 

This year has been challenging, especially for our educational paths. It’s important to get the advice and help we need to face the challenges and come out with a plan if we ever go full-on virtual so we can continue being successful later on.