Study Tips to Make You a Successful Student

Olivia Nichols

For most students, studying for a test is harder than taking the actual test itself. Whether it is not knowing what to study or how to even not know the material at all, studying often feels like a task or chore you have to do. Many students don’t even retain any of the knowledge they are studying for in the first place. Studying can be hard when you don’t know how to do it. Many students find themselves studying in a quiet environment. A library, bookstore, or your own room are great places to study, as long as you can focus. Students often go through notes taken during lectures and lessons. Redoing old tests, seeing what you missed, and redoing older homework are also great ways to collect information. Rehearsing exam performance is a great way to get a feel of what it will be like taking a test. Making a practice test or filling out a study guide is what many students do to study for a test. 

Using different websites to help study are also very helpful. Quizlet ( is a great resource that many people use. Quizlet allows users to make flashcards, make a test, write the answer in the blank, and play smaller games that help you memorize the content you are studying for. Kahoot ( is another good tool to use for studying. Kahoot is more of a trivia and multiple choice game. The program allows you to play as a group or individually. Kahoot is a highly used resource in classes and gives students a chance to see what they missed. Quizizz ( is a website similar to Quizlet and Kahoot and is self paced. It lets you know what you have missed and what the correct answers are. Sparknotes is a good platform for quickly informing summaries and is a very good tool for an English or writing class. I personally use all of these websites, especially Quizlet. All of the listed websites are good for quick studying as well and don’t take up hours of my day.