Stimulus (Reality) Check—Is it Enough?

Kenny Doan

Throughout the pandemic, many families and individuals are facing financial crises such as furloughings/lay-offs from jobs, food insecurities, and trying to make ends meet during these times. Within the last year, some benefits have been funded to individuals and families that are in need such as PUA (Pandemic Unemployment Assistant). However, some of these benefits have just recently ended and once again, people are making ends meet. On December 27, 2020, President Donald Trump signed a bill including $900 billion in pandemic aid relief. The package also included a second round of stimulus checks to help those who are impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Besides the delays on individuals and families receiving the stimulus checks, let’s talk about the amounts people are receiving on the checks in the mail. According to the government, it depends on how much individuals make per year. The most common amount for each individual is $600 if they are making below $75,000 a year. If individuals make more than $75,000, the check decreases by $5 for every $100 made above the $75,000 threshold. For each dependent child under the age of 17, there would be an additional $600. A typical amount in total for a family of four would be at least $2,400. Getting on to the main topic—is it enough to cover the essentials?

Some Americans have been sharing their frustrations online because of the amount being received in the mail, specifically individuals. Due to recent inflations on rent prices and job losses, most would not make much out of $600. We might also want to consider rent/mortgage payments and grocery bills. Some even joked about how the $600 stimulus bill was a way for those people to buy the now out-of-stock PlayStation 5. Aside from the jokes, many took to Twitter and urged the government to increase the amount to $1,200-2,000 or joked about the amount people are receiving.

In all, $600 would somewhat help with a handful of Americans, but some are not able to make life’s end meet as rent and mortgage payments inflated and many are facing food insecurities after the holiday season. What do you think about the $600 stimulus check? Do you think this is enough to help Americans? Let us know what you think!