Schedule Changes

Nevaehona Williams

          Going into the second semester of the school year, students at Chaffin Junior High may have schedule changes. It could be because a new second-semester class, changing because they need a certain class forhigh school, or changing because they don’t want a certain class anymore. It is all up to that student if they want to change their schedule or not. Schedule changes are not a bad thing. Now, you may have to walk a little more or go up and down stairs all day depending on where your old/new classes are, but it’s fun. You meet new people and get to learn new things.

        For example, I need Health for high school, so I took it this semester. I switched from Keystone to Health. While I needed Health, I had to drop gym, also known as PE, because there was no third period Health. So, I decided to take Study Hall as my third period. Right now in Health, we just got finished with getting to know each other and now we are taking a test to see what we know so far about Health. Study Hall is not really fun. It’s a class to get caught up or do assignments that you don’t want to do at home. It’s also a class to study. If I have finished all my work, I would listen to music. Music calms me down. It also makes me focus more. Just remember that a schedule change is not always a bad thing; it could be a benefit.

          I would start taking classes that you need or that would be good for your future, because these classes will benefit you in the long run. Don’t follow your friends footsteps. You only get one shot at picking your classes, but there is a chance you can change them. When you get your schedule back, you have a week to change classes. It could be because the class is too hard or you want to challenge yourself. Whatever the reason may be, choose wisely. Good luck!