Chaffin Basketball Teams Stomp the Court Against Darby

Nevaehona Williams

          On January 11th Chaffin’s girls and boys basketball teams played against Darby. The 8th grade girls won in an exciting game against Darby’s tough basketball team with a score of 22-10. The 8th grade boys played with all they had, but could not defeat Darby’s team, finishing with a score of 41-20. We wish them luck on their next game. 

          The 9th grade girls played after the 8th grade boys and lost, with a score of 21-10. They played with all their sweat on the court but were defeated. These girls did not give up and their coach is very proud of them. We hope we win our next game against Alma. 

          The last game was the boys 9th grade basketball team. With a score of 46-26, they defeated the Darby 9th grade boys team. They were in the lead throughout the whole game. Their coaches are very proud of them. They are now 2 and 2. 

          All these basketball teams played hard. Good luck with your next game against Alma on January 21st.