“President” Donald Trump’s Impeachment—What’s Next?

Kenny Doan

After the recent Capitol Hill attack from pro-Trump supporters in hopes to overthrow the election results from November 3rd, the House Democrats have bought the impeachment resolution to a vote that reflects what occurred in Capitol Hill, Trump will be charged with incitement of insurrection. What could have caused the Capitol Hill attack? Well, here’s the reason. Hours prior to the Capitol Hill incident, many political activists and Donald Trump himself encouraged supporters to fight and overthrow the election results. Pro-Trump supporters took these words seriously and from there, the attack happened while the votes are being counted in the Capitol Hill building. Many Republican leaders attempted to stop the rioting, including Trump. Included in the impeachment, Trump had failed to respond quickly to the riot which resulted many pro-Trump supporters storming Capitol Hill and vandalizing the building. Going on topic, let’s discuss the impeachment.

With just only a few days left until Trump’s term will end on Wednesday, Donald Trump became the first American president to be impeached twice as 10 members of the Republican party joined along with Democrats to charge Trump for his role in encouraging the violence that had occurred on Capitol Hill. In order to determine the president’s plea, at least 17 Republicans would have to vote with Democrats in the Senate.

While this impeachment process won’t force Trump to leave office yet, senators will vote regarding the impeachment, preventing and disqualifying Donald Trump from holding any public office roles ever again, which Trump indicated for 2024. The majority leader sent a note to Republican senators telling them the chamber won’t return until January 19th, so this could mean the impeachment trial wouldn’t happen until the early days of Joe Biden’s presidency. The investigation and the impeachment trial is on-going, so there has not been more information about Trump’s impeachment until Biden has safely and orderly transferred to his presidency.

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