Sen. Jon Ossoff

Lydia Bickerton

     2020 was a year of twists and turns, where things you’d never expect to happen did. 2021 is no different, as we’ve seen the state of Georgia turn blue. With them voting for Joe Biden in the presidential election and electing two democratic senators, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, we’ve seen a total flip in Georgia. Today however, we will be focusing on the youngest Georgia Senator ever, Jon Ossoff, and his policies.

     “I am fighting for great health care for every American with a strong Public Option and strengthened Affordable Care Act, to defend Medicare and Social Security, for historic investment in clean energy and infrastructure, to lower taxes for working families and small businesses, to defend Roe v. Wade and the privacy of women’s health care, to enact major criminal justice reform, to get dark money out of politics and end Citizens United.”

Jon Ossoff

     A hot topic in America right now is police and prison reform. Ossoff is in support of this reform. He supports the New Civil Rights Act and wants to end discrimination based on race and class. He also wants to end incarceration for non-violent drug offenses and is in favor of legalizing cannabis. In 2017, Trump militarized local police, giving them access to military grade weapons and had them adopt their practices. Ossoff wants to reverse this and make local police act as such. He also wants to ban private prisons, cash bail, and the death penalty. Along with all this, he supports more federal law enforcement resources to attack organized crime, human trafficking, racketeering, money laundering, fraud, espionage, and corruption. 

     In today’s society especially, social issues are a big deal, and when the government makes the decisions regarding them, it’s important to know where politicians stand. Ossoff is pro-choice and thinks that women should make the decisions when it comes to the topic of abortion. He vows to defend marriage equality and queer couple’s right to adopt. He supports the Equality Act and wants to strengthen anti-bullying programs for LGBTQ+ youth. It’s safe to say he is very pro-LGBTQ+. 

     A big political topic is the economy. There are many factors and opposing sides. Ossoff wants to lower taxes for all but the rich and is anti-trickle down economics. He also wants to make tax and regulatory compliance simpler. He will expose corrupt corporations, and work to reduce our dependence on Chinese supply chains. Healthcare and the economy often go hand-in-hand. He wants to strengthen Medicare and the Affordable Care Act. He is also working to crack down on price gouging by drug companies. 

     Many careers, including being a politician, require or encourage getting a college degree. However this can be extremely expensive, so Ossoff wants to make college debt-free. He also supports a generous forgiveness program for those struggling to pay off student loans. But he doesn’t only focus on regular four-year degree programs, he wants to put more emphasis on vocational training and make it free. He also is in favor of increasing teacher pay. 

     America labels themselves the land of the free and home of the brave. Many people want to come to America and live out the “American Dream.” This means there are lots of people immigrating here. Ossoff wants to strengthen our borders. He does not however support ripping children away from their families and putting them in cages. He wants to maintain good morals when passing immigration laws and regulations. 

     American school shootings are often joked about. Amidst those jokes however are extreme gun problems. Ossoff does support the Second Amendment, but does think there needs to be a gun safety reform. He wants universal criminal history checks for gun purchases, and wants to ban semi-automatic rifles.

     When it comes to infrastructure, he wants to make big investments in transportation, clean energy, energy efficiency, public health, communications, research and development, emergency response, and environmental cleanup. He hopes these investments will open more job opportunities and better the quality of life. These infrastructure policies will help greatly with the environment making clean energy, energy efficiency, and environmental protection. More on the environment, he is pushing for America to reenter the Paris Climate Accords immediately. He also wants to reverse the Trump Administration’s rollbacks on clean air, clean water, and fuel economy standards. He then wants to turn around and strengthen them. 

     As of 2020, a new big topic was introduced, and it’s called COVID-19. He wants to make hospital capacities bigger and he wants to do this quickly. He wants to give generous sums of money, especially to those with struggling small businesses. What he does not want to do is give these sums of money to big corporations and believes the 

government should be completely transparent about where this money is going. He believes in free, widespread testing to help contain the virus. He wants to establish clear self-isolation policies and stronger distancing regulations.

     Overall, Ossoff hopes to make things more affordable and wants to put money into things that benefit the people. He is fighting for equality no matter your gender, sexual orientation, race, or class. It is seen that his policies differ a lot from those of the Trump Administrations, and he will fight to enforce these within the Senate. He is a big part of the change happening in Georgia and the rest of the country. He makes the Democratic majority in the Senate and may change the near future of our country.