Online Student Check-In

Sophia Gillespie

Many students decided to do online as opposed to regular in-person school due to Covid, and others thought that it would be a better fit for them. Many came back because of issues with the program. This has caused many students to come back to in-person school to finish off the year. Some students decided to switch halfway through the year at Winter Break and go to online school. The real questions are if they like it better than what we are used to in school, if the workloads are drastically different, and if it is just a better fit during our pandemic. 

One student that I interviewed that went from in-person to online said that she enjoyed having online school better because she was able to stay home, and she didn’t have to get up everyday super early. She also said that the workload was about the same, but she better understood the online work because the program explains it better than her old teachers. She said that the program works fine and that there isn’t an issue with it at all. 

For her online school works way better than in-person and her grades are doing much better now. She likes that her schedule is more flexible and that she can finish all her work in a few hours instead of having to spend most of her day at school. If you’re doing online or in-person, it is still important to come to school and get your work done so that you can learn and get ready for the future.