Geekerella: A Book Review

Learn about the geekiest Cinderella retelling of 2017, created by Ashley Poston: part-time author and full-time geek.


Jasmine Washington

Everyone knows – or has heard of – Cinderella. Whether it comes from the original “Brothers Grimm” stories or Disney’s version of it, Cinderella has always been a classic part of fairy tales. Hundreds of retellings have been made about classic stories, one of the largest types being classic fairy tales and characters that thousands of people know.

If you’re in love with retellings, Geekerella may just be the book for you. It’s exactly what it sounds like – a Cinderella retelling, but with geeks. And I have to say, I absolutely adore this book and everything Ashley Poston completed with it.


Geekerella follows the perspective of two different people: Danielle (Elle) Wittimer and Darien Freeman. Elle is a full-time fan of a popular show she shared with her father named Starfield. She always used to go to comic-cons and special events along with her father, who was truly everything she had. However, after the death of her father, her life changed. Elle now lives with her terrible stepmother, Catherine, and her daughters, Chloe and Calliope (Cal). Elle’s life has changed into being the outcast of the family, often forced to do chores around the house and wish more than anything she was in the Starfield universe. 

Darien Freeman is an upcoming teenage heartthrob, loved by what seems like millions of girls for his acting in a previous soap opera. Now, he’s been given the role of the main character of Starfield, a show he’s been a secret fanboy of since he was a child. Darien plays the role of a cool, 18-year-old kid who’s in this movie for the money, but in all honesty, he loves his role. With a mother who abandoned him at a younger age and a father who – let’s face it – cares more about his son’s abs than his emotions – Starfield was the show that really pulled Darien through his life. He’s more than excited about playing this role – but he’s worried that the true fans of this show will despise his portrayal of the character.

These two “geeks” meet when Darien’s father (Mark) forces him to go to this annual comic-con event that Darien hasn’t attended since he lost all of his friends to fame. Darien takes it into his own hands to get out of the comic-con, and he texts the person who used to host this event. Convincingly, Elle’s father used to host the comic-cons, and she inherited his phone. Darien realizes quickly that he won’t be able to get out of the comic-con, but he continues speaking to Elle. 

As the book progresses, readers get to see a relationship blossom between the two strangers who connect over their love of Starfield. Darien’s constantly rumored to be cheating on his co-star and “girlfriend,” but it doesn’t fully matter to him. He’s quick to admit that he’s falling for Elle, even calling her a name that is related to “my heart.” 

But, as Cinderella’s story follows, Elle’s stepsisters are evil. After everyone finds out that this comic-con has a costume competition with a special prize to meet Darien Freeman and get exclusive seats to the premiere of the Starfield movie, everyone wants to win. Chloe is determined to win and uses Darien as a boost for her vlogging with her twin, and she plans on having Cal wear the dress. However, it goes missing the night before the comic-con and she’s extremely angry. Chloe decides to pick on Elle, stealing the sewn outfit she and a friend made – and the last thing Elle had from her father. Elle is left with no costume, no tickets, and no money to attend the event.


There is so much to enjoy about this book. Looking into the life of a famous celebrity (which is a lot less fun than it seems), understanding how certain creations can change someone’s life, and seeing the reason why some people are so horrible are included in this book. On top of it, it’s set in a more modern time, making the story much more relatable for younger readers.

If you’re wondering how great this book actually is, many book-based websites have gotten reasonably good reviews. On Barnes and Noble, Geekerella received an overall rating of 4.2 stars out of 5. Goodreads gave the book an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars with almost 50,000 votes. On Audible, the book has 4.3 out of 5 stars. And with a description of a “part romance, part love letter to nerd culture,” there’s so much to see when reading this book.

So if you’re in the mood for some geeky romance between two otherwise strangers, be prepared for Geekerella. It’s a retelling of a classic that you wouldn’t want to miss.