The Kim, Kanye, and Jeffree Star Scandal

Sophia Gillespie

If you haven’t heard, you are now, but Kim and Kanye are splitting after many rumors of Kanye and Jeffree Star having an affair. They aren’t many things that are proving that this is true, but who doesn’t love a good scandal? Jeffree Star came out with a video explaining how this isn’t true stating in the video, “I like very tall men….” I guess 5”8 isn’t tall enough for this man. The whole thing started when Tiktok Star Ava Louise, who licked the back of a toilet seat during this pandemic, said in one of her videos that she was excited that she could finally spill the tea.

The rumor started whenever it was confirmed that Jeffree was living in Wyoming in the same area that Kanye is staying at. After hearing about this Ava Louise started a rumor that Kanye has been “visiting” Jeffree Star. After hearing about this, Jeffree even played along with that rumor posting on Twitter about how he was ready for Sunday service, in a nod to Kanye’s very exclusive religious life. 

Kris Jenner brought up a lawsuit saying that if Ava didn’t stop coming up with lies and rumors, there would be legal consequences. She admitted that it was fake, but there are still many that think it is true. Even if it is fake, it was fun to see the drama unfold and we’ll see if more comes up.