Joe Biden’s 100 Day Plan

Olivia Nichols

On January 20, 2021, Joe Biden took his oath for presidency and already has big plans and goals in motion. On his first day in office, Biden already reversed many of former President Donald Trump’s laws such as restoring federal workers right to unionize, making it clear that gay and transgender people are protected against discrmination in schools, healthcare, and work life, and is revising immigration policies. Biden is putting his foremost attention on COVID-19. So far, he has a $1.9 trillion relief package planned in order to help all American recover from economic shock and to help with vacancy distribution and testing. Of more than a dozen of these problems Biden has proposed to complete within his first 100 days in office, COVID-19 is a big one. 

Joe Biden’s COVID plan entitles $1,400 per person in direct payments along with another $400 a week unemployment insurance supplement throughout September. Also included in this plan is a mask mandate on any federal property and for state travel. Biden has also thought about living conditions and has decided that he will be extending nationwide restrictions on home evictions and foreclosures. Another major proposal Biden has made is pledging to get 100 million vaccine shots distributed in 100 days. Biden is very hopeful about his plan because as of Thursday, 11.1 million vacancies had already been distributed. Many who have already received the vaccine are healthcare workers or those whose health is primarily affected by COVID-19. We are hopeful that Biden’s plan goes smoothly and that he can accomplish all of the goals set by April.