Chaffin Boys Beat the Van Buren Pointers

Yulissa Ocampo

On February 1st, the Chaffin Cougars went up against the Van Buren Pointers. The 9th grade girls played at 5:00. They started the game off winning 6-4, but by the end of the second quarter they were losing 7-10. Unfortunately they ended up losing the game 7-26. 

The 9th grade boys played at 6:00. They started the game winning 12-6, and by the end of the second quarter they were winning 22-10. For the halftime performance, the Chaffin Charmers did their military dance. The Cougars won the game 41-21.

The next game will be on Thursday, February 4th. This will be 8th grade night to celebrate all the 8th graders on the basketball teams. The teams will be playing against the Trinity Buffaloes. 9th grade girls will play at 5:00 and the 9th grade boys will play at 6:00 here at Chaffin.