Donald Trump’s Impeachment Trial Status


Kenny Doan

Since the Capitol Hill violence on January 6th, steps have been taken to prevent the riot again–even when the origin of the attack traced back to Donald Trump. Donald Trump became the first president to be impeached twice in one term after he incited violence, causing the Capitol Hill to be breached and vandalized. Recently, the date of the impeachment trial was set to be on February 9th, after Biden filled in the office. In order for Trump to be convicted, 17 Republican senators would need to vote in favor. This impeachment could mean Trump would not be allowed to hold public office again, and disqualified from benefits, which former presidents receive, if convicted.

So, what’s the issue currently regarding the impeachment trial? Recently, Trump’s impeachment defense attorneys left, a little more than a week before the trial is set to begin, due to disagreements over Trump’s legal strategy, and Trump found himself without any legal representation during the impeachment trial. Soon after however, Trump announced two new lawyers were taking over his defense, and the trial is set to be for the false claims of election fraud (which have been debunked numerous times), instead of focusing on the issues of the Capitol Hill attack. However, what remains mostly controversial throughout this whole trial is whether impeaching a president who has already left the office is unconstitutional.

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