Chaffin’s Basketball Teams Smashed the Court Against Trinity

Nevaehona Williams

          On February 4th, the boys and girls basketball teams went against the Trinity Buffaloes. This was also 8th grade night. To honor our 8th grade players. Next year, Chaffin will be allowing 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. 

          The 8th grade girls played first. They started off with a score of 16-9 with 2:30 minutes left. Then, they took a 17-16 lead with a lay up by Malia Burnett with 1:00 left. They ended up losing with a close score of 20-17. 

          Next was the 8th grade boys. They won with a score of 29-24. After the 8th grade boys were the 9th grade girls. They ended up losing with a score of 37-17, but with an exciting free-throw, Cadence Hodge scored her first basket of the season. 

          The 9th grade boys were the final game of the night. With an exciting score of 45-17, they won. Chaffin’s basketball coaches think they played really well and are excited about their next games