School Vs Virtual


Zak Gaines

Both virtual and in-person school can have their ups and downs. In this article, we will be talking about the benefits and drawbacks of in-person school and virtual.

Virtual has many benefits such as being at home, but being at home isn’t the only good thing. When you’re at school, you are in a very tight environment with a lot of kids. At home, your environment is more comfortable, in a way. Depending on your personality, if you’re more of a social butterfly, you’d most likely go to school. If you’re not as social, then you’re like me, and you’d rather be in a comfortable environment like home.

At home, students also have the ability to finish their work 10x faster than they could if they were in school, mainly because you can go at your own pace rather than be slow or fast. Everyone has their own pace in which they do their work.

Now, Virtual does have drawbacks that could hurt you in the long run. Your social life would not really be good, mostly because you’re not with friends as much.

As of 2-4-21, governments and schools are thinking about trying new methods and having kids switch from school to virtual, but most are leaning towards having kids do virtually.